Image: Red-fingered Anglerfish at South Head, Sydney

Red-fingered Anglerfish at South Head, Sydney

A Red-fingered Anglerfish, Porophryne erythrodactylus, photographed in natural light at South Head, Sydney Harbour, 2005.

Neil Todd
© Neil Todd

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Mark McGrouther - 12.07 PM, 29 July 2011

Hi David.  Thank you for your comment.  The fish does look a bit like Phyllophryne scortea but there are differences with the dorsal fins.  What is even more obvious is the red tips to the pectoral, soft dorsal and caudal fins.  A specimen of this new species is being examined by colleagues at the University of Washington.

David Spencer Muirhead - 12.07 AM, 29 July 2011
I'm looking at Phyllophryne scortea(local provenance) in all these images,I suspect strongly.

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