Image: Common Seadragon with eggs at Portsea Pier

Common Seadragon with eggs at Portsea Pier

A Common Seadragon at a depth of 1 m, Portsea Pier, Dec 2006. Note the eggs under the tail.

Sascha Schulz
© Sascha Schulz


The standard name of the species is Common Seadragon. It is also known as the Weedy Seadragon.

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Amanda Hay - 9.01 AM, 20 January 2010

Yes I agree I think you can see the eyes of the young. Apparently large males can have up up to 300 eggs per brood and the young hatch after 2 months. The colours in your image are so vivid, they truly are magnificent fish.

lyn - 5.01 PM, 03 January 2010
Great photo. These are also often found in Jervis Bay. I saw one with eggs off Bowen Is. at 20m last week. I think you can see the eyes of a baby in one of the eggs.

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