Image: A stinging spine from a Black Stingray

A stinging spine from a Black Stingray

A 187 mm long stinging spine from a Black Stingray found at a depth between 10 m and 20 m, Julian Rocks, New South Wales, March 2006.

Lynda Clarke
© Lynda Clarke

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Mark McGrouther - 9.04 AM, 06 April 2011

Hi Seano.  I forwarded your enquiry to the Australian ray authority, Dr Peter Last.  He kindly replied that it is very hard to be sure but the 187 mm Black Stingray stinging spine in the image would probably have come from a fish of disc width 1.0 to 1.5 m.  The spine is not particularly large compared with that of the Smooth Stingray.

Seano - 10.03 PM, 31 March 2011
cheers mate
Mark McGrouther - 4.03 PM, 31 March 2011

Hi Seano.  That is an interesting question, but not one that is easy for me to answer.  I'll have to ask a stingray expert and get back to you.  Watch this space.

Seano - 10.03 PM, 30 March 2011
how big would this black ray be with a 187mm stinging spine ? because I know someone with 2 stinging spines twice as big.

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