Image: A Sharptail Sunfish from Honjo, Japan

A Sharptail Sunfish from Honjo, Japan

A Sharptail Sunfish that was washed up on a beach at Honjo, Akita Prefecture, north-western Honshu, Japan, January 2005.

Hideki Sugiyama
© Hideki Sugiyama

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Mark McGrouther - 1.07 PM, 19 July 2010

Hi Ian,  Thank you very much for submitting the photograph.  I really appreciate your input.  It's always great to be able to confirm species distributions with good photographs such as yours. It is an impressive fish.  I wonder why it died.  The body appears to be in reasonable condition (apart from the obvious fact that it isn't alive).

ianane - 9.07 PM, 15 July 2010
Sharptailed Sunfish washed up half way between Balgowan and Chinaman Wells, Yorke Peninsular, South Australia,26/08/2009. 1800mm from tip of tail to tip of snout and 2100mm from tip of dorsal fin to tip of anal fin.

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