Image: A Highfin Veilfin caught off Broome

A Highfin Veilfin caught off Broome

A juvenile Highfin Veilfin found alive on board a game fishing vessel at the 'peanut', 40 nm off Broome, 19 August 2009. 

Jeffrey Cooper
© Jeffrey Cooper


The fish found its way into the boat during a game fishing competition. The water was glassy so the fish was not flung into the boat by a wave. No fish had been caught, so it was not regurgitated by a larger fish. The anglers were watching their lures when they noticed the fish flopping around on the back deck.  Water depth was about 35 m.

The hook is an 8'O eagle claw L2022.  The circular part of the hook is about the size of a 20 cent piece.

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