Image: A deepsea anglerfish, Bufoceratias wedli

A deepsea anglerfish, Bufoceratias wedli

A deepsea anglerfish, Bufoceratias wedli. Note the lines of sensory papillae and the long lure that terminates in an esca.

N.J. Marshall
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Mark McGrouther - 7.09 AM, 01 September 2010

Hi marino,  Yes, all anglerfishes (both shallow-water and deepsea) are bony fishes.  Bony fishes are collectively known as the Teleosts.  The majority of fish families contain teleosts.  The most well known non-teleosts are the cartilaginous fishes, the sharks and rays.

marino - 5.08 PM, 31 August 2010
Is this a bony-type fish?
Sally Reader - 12.01 PM, 20 January 2010

Hi cherb 1953

These species can grow to 25cm, this is probably a female, but I'm not sure of how long this particular specimen is.


cherb1953 - 9.12 AM, 21 December 2009
I wonder how long the anglerfish is?
Mark McGrouther - 12.06 PM, 09 June 2009
Hi Jenny, Thanks for your comment. The species lives at depths between 300 m and 1750 m. Mark
jenny-gruber - 11.06 PM, 08 June 2009
An amazing photo! How deep below the surface do these fish live?

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