Holocentridae - Soldierfishes

Access images and fact sheets of the holocentrid fishes on the site. The family contains the soldierfishes and squirrelfishes.

Sabre Squirrelfish at Harrier Reef

Sabre Squirrelfish at Harrier Reef
Photographer: Erik Schlögl © Erik Schlögl

Myripristis adusta Shadowfin Soldierfish
Myripristis berndti Bigscale Soldierfish
Myripristis kuntee Epaulette Soldierfish
Myripristis murdjan  Crimson Soldierfish 
Myripristis vittata Whitetip Soldierfish
Neoniphon sammara Slender Squirrelfish
Ostichthys japonicus Giant Squirrelfish
Pristilepis oligolepis Rough Squirrelfish
Sargocentron caudimaculatum Whitetail Squirrelfish
Sargocentron ittodai  Samurai Squirrelfish
Sargocentron spiniferum Sabre Squirrelfish 


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