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Dainty Tree Frog

Dainty Tree Frog
Photographer: Jodi Rowley © Australian Museum


New “Stone” frog discovered from Vietnam

A new gargoyle-like frog emerges from the limestone rocks of northern Vietnam.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley & Timothy Cutajar


Linking frogs with flows

Figuring out which frog species like what conditions helps us help them survive.

By: Dr Joanne Ocock


The search for the Peppered Tree Frog has begun

My search for a tiny frog that hasn’t been seen for more than 40 years has commenced.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Litoria piperata

The Search for the Peppered Tree Frog

Not seen since the 1970’s, we need your help in finding a tiny, mottled frog.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Litoria bella

A new, brightly-coloured treefrog revealed in northern Australia

A green frog with orange hands and feet and purple thighs leaps into the spotlight.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Notaden bennetti

Frog goo to the rescue

Why frogs may hold the key to curing your next illness.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Tam Dao Newt

Is the demand for amphibians as pets threatening their survival in the wild?

The global trade in wildlife threatens more than just rhinos, elephants and tigers: amphibians are also at risk.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley & Timothy Cutajar

SE Asian amphibians over time

Closing the gap between species discovery and conservation

Ensuring amphibians new to science are considered in conservation strategies.

By: Timothy Cutajar

blind snake

Eyes peeled for the elusive Blind Snake

Serendipity, morphology and museum collections combine to determine a new species of blind snake from the southern Northern Territory.

By: Dr Glenn Shea

five new frogs

Five new frog species discovered in fast-disappearing forests

The forests of central Vietnam & Cambodia are home to five new frog species that have hopefully been discovered in the nick of time.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley


Can frogs help combat the Zika virus?

Healthy frog populations may help keep disease-carrying mosquitos at bay, but not in the way you might expect.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

frog feet

Put your hands up and best foot forward

What can be revealed by looking at a frog's foot?

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Sterlings Toothed Toad

Mountain-top frogs teetering on the edge

Two Asian frog species are now officially more threatened than the Giant Panda.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley & Timothy Cutajar


Bird poo frogs – more species than meets the eye!

Identifying hidden frog species (that look like bird poo) using DNA.

By: Dr Jennifer Dever


Three tiny, green-blooded frogs sing like birds

All three species of tiny, pointy snouted, green-blooded frogs from the forests of Vietnam have unique, bird-like calls.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley


Gone before we know they exist?

Unknown diversity of tiny brown frogs just discovered, but some undiscovered species may already be extinct.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

tree frog

Frogs in the trees

In making the transition from the swamp to the tree-tops, different groups of frogs have evolved in remarkably similar ways.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley


A new, fire-eyed, frog discovered in the forests of Vietnam

A small frog with bright orange eyes has just been discovered from the forested mountains of Vietnam.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

calling frog

How can you tell a male from a female frog?

It's often tricky to tell whether a frog is male or female, but these tips should help.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley


A frog that gives birth to tadpoles!

Unique in the frog world, a newly described frog from Indonesia lays tadpoles instead of eggs.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley


Conserving Asian newts could save the world’s salamanders

Healthy salamander populations on both sides of the planet may depend on controlling the international sale of Asian newts as pets.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley & Dr Bryan Stuart

Limnonectes dabanus

The secret life of a fanged frog with an enormous head

We reveal the strange call of an even stranger frog.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Habitat loss

Discovering the biodiversity of the Greater Mekong

Much of the biodiversity of the Greater Mekong region in Southeast Asia remains undiscovered, but is already under great threat.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Helens Flying Frog

Why the official conservation status of species matters

It’s not just a category; it’s about directing scarce conservation resources to the species most in need.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley


Frogs need to watch their backs: parasites on the horizon

A host of spore-producing parasites may be waiting in the wings for a chance to attack amphibians.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley


Meet the Thorny Tree Frog: a striking new frog species from Vietnam

Males of this newly discovered pink and yellow tree frog are covered in prickly, white-tipped spines.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Flying frogs

Flying Frogs: the aerodynamic amphibians

Some frogs have well and truly taken a leap into the trees.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Cane Toad

What’s the difference between a frog and a toad?

As an amphibian biologist, it’s the most common question people ask me, but the answer is more complicated than you’d think.

By: Dr Jodi Rowley

Dr Jodi Rowley , Curator, Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Biology
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