Gobiesocidae - Clingfishes

Use the table to access images and fact sheets of the gobiesocid fishes on the site. The family includes the Clingfishes and Shore Eels.

Eastern Cleaner Clingfish at Camp Cove

Eastern Cleaner Clingfish at Camp Cove
Photographer: Ákos Lumnitzer © Ákos Lumnitzer

Alabes dorsalis Common Shore Eel
Alabes hoesei Dwarf Shore Eel
Alabes scotti Scott's Shore Eel
Aspasmogaster costata Pink Clingfish
Aspasmogaster tasmaniensis Tasmanian Clingfish
Cochleoceps bicolor Western Cleaner Clingfish
Cochleoceps orientalis Eastern Cleaner Clingfish
Cochleoceps spatula Spadenose Clingfish
Creocele cardinalis Broad Clingfish
Gobiesocidae Genus A sp. Brown-spotted Spiny Clingfish
Gobiesocidae Genus C sp. 1 Grass Clingfish
Kopua kuiteri Deepwater Clingfish
Lepadichthys frenatus Bridled Clingfish
Parvicrepis parvipinnis Smallfin Clingfish

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