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Our living planet provides a foundation for human existence. Yet, biological diversity and the quality of environment continue to decline with ever greater speed. Crop diversity and the variety of domesticated plants decline as well. In parallel, numerous indigenous communities and local languages vanish, in a general trend towards broader cultural uniformity. This decline of biological and cultural diversity is caused largely by the rapid growth of human population, unrestrained exploitation of natural resources and overproduction of goods to satisfy human wants rather than needs. Social inequality, global and regional, is also responsible.

The big challenges of our time are to stop the rampant exploitation of resources, reduce human population and mitigate climate warming stimulated by wasteful use of energy. Solutions are sought in technology, economy, management, and our collective intellectual creativity, but they should be rational and based on evidence. The Australian Museum provides a substantial body of evidence that helps to identify some of these problems and could help to pave a way to some regional and possibly universal solutions. Better understanding of traditional cultures and the dynamic of human population will contribute to the development of a sustainable future. I am interested in examining these problems from the anthropological perspective. 


PhD in Archaeology: University of Sydney
Diploma in Education: Charles Sturt University
Diploma in Fine Arts: Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE
MA (Hons) in Archaeology: Wroclaw University, Poland