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    Collection Manager, Malacology
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    Malacology Collection
    Natural Science Collections
    Australian Museum Research Institute

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I have recently returned to work at the Australian Museum after a number of years away. I originally worked with Dr Pat Hutchings on polychates, primarily belonging to the family Nereididae. After completing a MSc on some deep sea sepiolid squid, my PhD research involved a systematic revision of the terrestrial Onychophora, or velvet worms. Later work at the Museum Victoria involved a return to cephalopods where I have a particular interest in the Sepiidae (cuttlefishes) and the Sepiolidae (or ‘dumpling’ squid).

I am very happy to be back at the Australian Museum, where in addition to my collection management duties, I hope to continue my cephalopod research. I feel it is an enormous honour to have a responsibility for the management of one of the largest and most scientifically valuable collections of molluscs in the world.

I have published a number of scientific papers and popular articles and am also currently working on a book contract with CSIRO Publishing to produce ‘The Cephalopods of Australia’.


Society of Editors (NSW)
Sustainable Population Australia

  • Ph.D, 1996, Macquarie University, North Ryde, Sydney, NSW. Thesis title: A Systematic Review of the Peripatopsidae (Onychophora) in Australia.
  • M.Sc., 1990, Macquarie University. Thesis title: Taxonomic review of the Australian Rossiinae (Cephalopoda : Sepiolidae).
  • B.Sc., 1984, Macquarie University.