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Easy access to information about plants and animals on your phone, tablet or desktop.

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The Lizard Island Field Guide (LIFG) provides easy access to information about animals and plants in the Lizard Island area using knowledge drawn from many sources.

The LIFG is perfect for scientists, students and anyone who wants to understand what they are seeing on the island and in the waters around it. For visitors to the island, we recommend downloading the app in advance!


  • Photos and information for more than 2,000 species, mostly marine
  • Lists of species known from the area
  • Detailed locality data for each species within the Lizard Island area and within Australia 
  • Information on the level of scientific extraction of each species
  • Habitat, life history, seasonality and behavioural information
  • High quality images
  • Ways to distinguish species
  • Relevant scholarly references for each species
  • Links to online taxonomic databases
  • Apps enable you to record your own sightings

The LIFG aims to include all macroscopic plant and animal species that occur within the Lizard Island area, defined as within 15 nautical miles of the Lizard Island Group. Data sources include:

  • More than 2000 Lizard Island Research Station publications including theses and reports, increasing by about 100 annually
  • The existing LIRS database with records of more than 6,000 species
  • Records of specimens collected and observed by LIRS scientists
  • Atlas of Living Australia records for the area, which include records from participating museums

The LIFG on iOS / Android is a work-in-progress with species being added as local photographs become available. For full access to all of our species we recommend registering (for free) on the LIFG website (which works on any device).

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Please email or call Anne Hoggett on + 61 (0)7 4060 3977.

The LIFG has been developed in association with Gaia Guide.