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Information about barge freight

The Research Station has access to space on a barge that is chartered privately by the Lizard Island Resort every two weeks. Because the Resort does not usually fill the barge, it allows visitors to the Research Station to send food and equipment on a space-available basis. The Resort charges the Research Station according to the amount of space used. The Research Station recovers this cost from its visitors by charging an amount per box (see other costs), payable when you leave.

There has never been any problem with space for food, but space for equipment is sometimes lacking. For this reason, you should discuss the consignment of large quantities of equipment or bulky equipment with the Research Station first - a few Nally bins per group is OK.

The Research Station is indebted to both the Resort and the barge company for this generous arrangement, and we try to make it as easy as possible for both companies to deal with our goods. Do not contact the Resort or the barge company to enquire about space or any other issues. All such queries must be addressed to the Research Station. Please note that all freight consigned on the barge is at the consigner's risk.

How to send food and equipment to Lizard Island by barge

Refer to barge schedule

  • Food must be delivered to the barge yard on the day before the barge departs, before 3 pm (i.e. on Tuesday before the normal Wednesday departure). Perishables cannot be delivered before that day because refrigerators and freezers are not available. The designated food suppliers know to get it there at the correct time.
  • Equipment can be delivered to the barge yard any time up to 3 pm on the day before the barge departs. Freight should be labelled as follows:

    Your name
    Lizard Island Research Station
    c/- Sea Swift
    52-54 Tingira Street
    CAIRNS QLD 4870
  • You may deliver goods to the barge yard yourself if you will be in Cairns at the correct time. The yard is open from 7.30 am to 3 pm weekdays and to midday on Saturdays. It is about a $20 taxi ride from the city centre to the barge yard.
  • If you are freighting equipment to Cairns by road or air from within Australia, the freight company will deliver it to the barge yard if you have addressed it as shown above.

Importing goods into Australia

If you are importing equipment into Australia from overseas as freight, you may need to hire a customs agent in Cairns to arrange customs clearance and delivery to the barge yard. We recommend you contact the following agent for advice before consigning expensive equipment as freight from overseas:

Warren King
Bonnell Customs, Cairns
Phone: (+617) 4051-7333
Fax: (+617) 4051-9006
E-mail: bonnell@wilhelmsen.com

Researchers can mail personal items and inexpensive items of research equipment to themselves at the following address:

Your name
Lizard Island Research Station
PMB 37

Note that postcode 4870 will also work. Some online suppliers will not post to 4892 because it is associated with "Lizard" not "Cairns". In that case use Cairns with postcode 4870.

Air freight between Cairns and Lizard Island

Air freight companies do not have an arrangement with the carrier between Cairns and Lizard Island. Once it reaches Cairns, air freight is put into the mail system which entails a slight delay. There is thus no point having things air freighted from Cairns - they might as well go through the mail system directly. Express Post from other cities within Australia is also likely to be as fast as air freight. The mailing address is shown above.

Dangerous goods

Items that are classified as dangerous goods cannot be carried by air. This includes many laboratory chemicals including alcohol at concentrations higher than 24%.

Dangerous goods must be sent by barge, properly packed and accompanied by the appropriate dangerous goods documentation. If you will be shipping dangerous goods off the island at the end of your stay, you must bring completed dangerous goods documentation with you.

Charged "dry shippers" (with liquid nitrogen fully absorbed) may be flown as part of your baggage allowance under certain conditions. If you intend to fly with a dry shipper, discuss your plans with Research Station well before your visit.