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Use this section to check your eligibility before proceeding further. Eligible applicants should email a booking application form to the Research Station. There are separate forms for different users: Researchers, Groups, and Station Volunteers.

People who are eligible to use the Lizard Island Research Station's facilities usually fall into one of the following categories.

Researchers, Including Research Students

Any person who will be conducting bona fide scientific research during his/her visit to Lizard Island is eligible to use the Research Station's facilities. Eligibility extends to assistants who are necessary to accomplish the project and (except during peak periods) family members who are not involved in the research.

Researchers must provide sufficient detail about their proposed project to satisfy the Station's Directors that the research is genuine. In general, the research must have the capacity to contribute towards a scientific publication or a postgraduate thesis, or it must be a requirement of an undergraduate course. Researchers will generally have a university or research institute address.

If the research being conducted at Lizard Island is not intended for publication in the public domain for commercial reasons, the trip is considered to be commercial usage and commercial rates will apply.

Conditions of research bookings
Research booking request form

School or University Student Groups

Groups of students from schools or universities who are undertaking an educational visit led by academic staff from their own institution are eligible to use the Station's facilities.

The trip need not be a formal part of a course of study or contribute to course credit, but there must be a significant and genuine educational component. This would generally be demonstrated by at least some of the following activities being organised by the group leader during the visit: lectures by academic staff; guided field trips involving recording of observations or data collection; individual or group research projects; verbal presentations and/or written reports by students.

Additional adult supervisors are also eligible where they are necessary for safe and effective conduct of the group's activities. For example, a high school group may require an adult supervisor for every four students, whereas a university group may only require one academic staff member for 10 or even 20 students.

Conditions of group bookings
Group booking request form

Special Interest Groups

Groups of people who share a common special interest relevant to coral reefs may be eligible to use the Research Station's facilities. For example, group trips are sometimes offered for Australian Museum Members who are interested in learning more about coral reef biology and ecology. Such tours are led by a Museum scientist who gives lectures and organises a structured field program. Eligibility of such special interest groups is considered on a case-by-case basis by the Station's Directors.

Contact the Research Station to determine eligibility

Station Volunteers

Anyone who is older than 18 years and is capable of and willing to perform outdoor manual work is eligible to become a Station Volunteer. People with an interest in marine science are preferred. A maximum of two people will be accepted as Station Volunteers at any one time.

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Commercial Users (includes commercial research and educational documentaries)

Individuals and companies may use the Research Station's facilities for commercial purposes that are appropriate to the Station's role as a research and educational facility. However, research and educational usage have priority over commercial usage.

Most commercial projects that are conducted at the Station have an educational component, and many of these involve making documentaries for television.Scientific research is considered to be commercial if it is not intended for publication in the public domain for commercial reasons.

To arrange a visit to the Research Station for commercial purposes, please use the researcher booking form.

Conditions of research bookings

Research booking request form