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Available August to November 2019

My name is Lennart, 24 years old, from Germany and currently holding a WHV (Subclass 417). I am obviously an ocean lover, looking for a remote island to work on. I am available from 01.08. to 01.12 full time working on Lizard Island.

Currently working as a PADI Dive Instructor for Divers Den in Cairns, QLD (Since January). I teach courses, snorkel and dive guide, operate the tender, deckhand, mooring operations, execute safety briefings and much more. +-500 Dives, 35 certification count so far, EFR Instructor, own gear. I work up to 7 days on our liveaboard as well, so remote areas are not an issue for me!

I have a bachelor of engineering degree in building service technologies with focus on chemical engineering (water treatment). In my last semester I worked for BWT Best Water Technologies AG fulltime as a laboratory technician, analysing water samples of all kinds. This includes inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES), auto titration, auto photometry and general chemical analysis. In addition to that, I was involved in research and development. I planned, mounted and supervised a test plant for anticorrosive technologies. Its test results and survey report were used for my bachelor thesis. During University and 2 years before, I worked throughout as a service technician/plumber.

I do have boating experience such as recreational unrestricted boat driving licenses, marine radio certificate and pyrotechnics. I am trained in first aid + advanced resuscitation (HLTAID003 + HLAID007) and holding an AS2299.

The ocean is my home and refugee. I want to live and work nearby. I don't mind not earning money, as long as my workforce is required and I am participating in important projects. I work well as team player am very reliable, organized and willing to learn. I like cooking and caring and do not smoke. I live vegan and refuse all kinds animal products but am uncomplicated with this and do not need a very special treatment. I am absolutely keen to hear from hear you. Registered 26 May 2019

Available September to December 2018 and in 2019

Here's my info:
- Kate, USA
- Sept-Dec 2018, April-June 2019, Sept-Dec 2019
- I work a seasonal job and would travel to Aus/LI to assist researchers.
- I am a 'retired' coral biologist now living in the mountains and would like to continue to contribute to reef biology where and however I can.

- PADI Divemaster, 500+ hrs logged. I have 100+ hrs at Lizard Island, Also been diving at Keppel, Orpheus, Townsville, other sites of the northern GBR, PNG, Hawaii, Roatan, Mariana Islands, Japan and Palau (this May).
- I am current with O2, 1st Aid, and AS2299.
- I have extensive experience in the field, 90% of my diving has been for marine bio field work. I am a graduate of the JCU BSc and Grad Dip programs. More specifically I have assisted 5+ PhD students and professors with their field work at Lizard Island. I have worked on coral disease, cardinal fish habitat preference, reef fish mortality, chaetodon behaviour, reef diversity and functionality assessments, baseline and long term monitoring surveys, etc...

- I do well with island life. I am a good cook. I am good at jimmy-rigging anything above or below water. I am a certified yoga teacher and we can do some yoga if desired. I'm a non-smoker. I'm a hard worker and I like to be busy working. I am quick and efficient with data entry. I have boat driving experience. And more... Registered 4 Feb 2018

Available September 2019 to September 2020

My name is Matthew. I am available from September of 2019 for 12 months to September 2020. This is possible as I am as Biology Bsc student currently studying at the University of Bath and I have a placement opportunity in my third year.

Being a keen diver since the age of ten, I have always wanted to dive the GBR and now more than ever with the increasing threat of coral bleaching occurring. Furthermore, I would love to gain experience working on coral/ marine conservation and since watching the documentary 'Chasing coral' have become entirely focused on helping make a change - I believe this work will be the first step on that journey.

I am a qualified PADI dive-master with a total of 90 dives. 7 in Dahab, Egypt (Red sea); 12 in Oman (Gulf of Oman); 2 in Koh Lanta (Andaman sea), Thailand and the remainder in Gili Trawangan (Bali sea), Indonesia where I carried out my dive-master training. If accepted onto a research project I will complete all necessary preliminary requirements prior to my arrival including an AS2299 diving medical in Australia and also ensure my CPR training and emergency oxygen provider training is up to date.

In regard to field experience, I currently have little except what I learnt through the dive-master programme. However, I intend to gain work experience with the UK based CEFAS organisation this coming summer - thus would have experience in sampling and analysis on arrival in 2019/2020.

Through my time in the army cadet force in school I have learnt not to be fussy and to deal with uncomfortable living conditions, thus am perfectly competent for research in more strenuous environments others may have issue with. Furthermore, through this experience I have learnt discipline and organisation, which would be essential in such a research environment not only to ensure efficient use of time but also reduce irritation to co-researchers in the intense living conditions. I also have experience working in kitchens and the catering industry and could offer these skills to the research team during our stay. I do not smoke and am an easy going and communicative individual. Registered 21 Feb 2018

Available 18 November 2019 to 24 January 2020

My name is Hirayama (Amy) and I am from Japan, and I'm 25 years old. I am presently in the last year of my degree, studying Animal Ecology at University of the Sunshine Coast.

I am currently looking for an organisation where I can complete my work placement, and after reading through your website and seeing the amazing work that your team is involved in - I am hoping that it could be with you.

My placement would take place between the dates of the 18th of November 2019 to the 24th of January 2020, and would involve completing 96 hours of unpaid work.

In accordance with your requirements, I agree to the following; If accepted into a research team, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip and I will obtain training and certification in first aid and medical oxygen administration as required.

I have a genuine love of the ocean and animals, and I am passionate about the environment, particularly around the area of marine conservation. I have done around 50 dives on coral reefs, most recently in June of 2019 in Okinawa, Japan. Most of my diving has been in Cairns, or Japan. I have recently acquired a PADI rescue diver license, so I am happy to get out there and help in any way possible.

A number of my classes for university have given me the opportunity to complete scientific/marine field work. Most recently, last semester we snorkelled around Helen Island's coral reefs and surveyed the relationship between the percentage of coral reef cover and fish population.

As a hobby I enjoy cooking/baking, and I am happy to use this skill to help out around the station in my down time - should my application be successful. I do smoke occasionally, but not necessary. Registered 4 August 2019

Available 24 November to 20 January 2020

My name is Ilana and I currently live in Adelaide (SA), but I am originally from the UK.

I would love to volunteer up on the GBR and I am currently available from the 24th November 2019 to mid-January (20th) 2020.

I am currently completing my Bachelor of Science (Marine Biology) at the University of Adelaide and I am seeking more field experience, and the above time period fits into my uni holidays.

I am a qualified Dive Instructor with over 1000 dives in both temperate and tropical water, but mainly tropical (I worked on the GBR for a couple of years before heading to University). My most recent dive was 24th July in Komodo National Park.

I understand that if I am accepted into a research team, I will have an up to date AS 2299 dive medical, first aid and oxygen provider training.

I have done some field work for University, but it has been primarily terrestrial or shoreline based.

Unfortunately, I am a useless cook, but I am excellent at washing up. I am a vegetarian and I am a non-smoker. Registered 8 August 2019

Available mid-November 2019 to early January 2020

My name is Vicky and an exchange student from University of California, Berkeley. Born and raised in Hong Kong, I’ve now lived in various places around the world and am currently studying at University of Queensland in Brisbane.

I would love to join any research projects and I’m available from mid-November 2019 to early-January 2020. My program ends at the start of November and I am hoping to stay in Australia for longer to explore the country and get involved with marine research here! As an aspiring marine biologist, I hope to gain more field experience and contribute to the important work being conducted on the GBR.

I am a certified Divemaster through SDI and work for a marine conservation nonprofit when I am based in California. I have 150+ logged dives with 100+ that are research oriented. I have done a lot of coral reef diving in Belize and Komodo, Indonesia. My science-based certifications include: SSI Scientific Diver, Reef Check Caribbean, Reef Check California.

If accepted into a research team, I will obtain an AS 2299 dive medical in Australia prior to the trip. I hold a current certification in first aid and medical oxygen administration.

I have work experience with a wide range of marine research, including:

- Lionfish elimination and dissection

- Reef surveys (transects and roving)

- BRUV deployment and video analysis

- Fish capture (freshwater)

- Marine mammal stranding rescue

- Manta ray photo identification

I have spent two summers living on a remote island in Belize and two summers abroad a scuba diving vessel, so I am flexible with any style of living. I’m vegan and love to cook up a feast for anyone! I’m a quick learner, especially with marine-related work, and work well with others. I would be honored to have the opportunity to join any research team! Registered 9 October 2019

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