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All visitors to the Lizard Island Research Station are charged a daily bench fee.

Bench fees cover the following facilities and services:

  • self-catering shared accommodation, including kitchen facilities and bed linen
  • use of a small, self-drive boat within the Lizard Island Group provided there is a qualified and competent boat user in the team
  • most laboratory and aquarium facilities
  • scuba tanks and air fills to scuba divers qualified according to LIRS regulations
  • weights and belts for snorkellers and divers
  • registration and orientation for boating and diving, provided the visit is for four nights or more. A fee of $165 per team is charged for this service if the visit is less than four nights.

Bench fee schedule


Bench fee

(A$ per person per night, including GST)

  2018 2019
Researcher $145.00 $148.50
Assistant to researcher $129.00 $132.00
Research student (own project) $56.00 $57.50
Assistant to research student $51.00 $52.50

Student groups (min 10 people, min 4 nights)

$92.00 $94.50
Media $217.50 $223.50
Commercial $272.00 $279.00
  • Bench fees increase on 1 January each year in line with inflation.
  • For visits by individuals of 28 consecutive days or more, the whole fee for that person is discounted by 10%.
  • For each student group of ten people, one leader is exempt from the fee (i.e. a group of 10 to 19 people in total gets one free space, a group of 20 or more gets two).
  • To be eligible for the highly subsidised research student fee, the student's university must certify that the student is enrolled at the time of the visit to LIRS and that the work being done by the student at LIRS forms part of his/her thesis research.
  • Supervisors and other more senior researchers are eligible to visit as "assistants" to postgraduate students at the highly subsidised research student rate with the following limitations:
    1. For those days claimed at the student rate, the senior researcher must spend virtually all of his/her work time helping to establish the student's project rather than conducting his/her own research. Often, the student's project is so closely aligned to the senior researcher's own research that it is difficult to differentiate between the two projects. In these cases, the senior researcher will be charged for some nights as a researcher and some nights as a student's assistant.
    2. A senior researcher may claim a maximum of 5 nights at the student rate per student over the life of the student's project.
    3. A senior researcher working with more than one student at Lizard Island may claim a maximum of 10 nights at the student rate per calendar year.

Other costs involved in a visit to Lizard Island Research Station