Reshaping the board

Our Board of Trustees has a new president and four new Trustees.

Catherine Livingstone AO, President, Australian Museum Trust

Catherine Livingstone AO, President, Australian Museum Trust
Photographer: Carl Bento © Australian Museum

Like many students completing high school, Catherine Livingstone faced a dilemma: pursue science, with its endless possibilities for discovery, or study economics and accounting, with better job prospects and the promise of travel.

‘I was fond of chemistry and had an inspirational science teacher, but I ended up taking the more pragmatic path at the time’, Ms Livingstone said. That she was to become one of Australia’s most successful business leaders only leaves us to wonder what she might have achieved had science won out.

New Trustees

Ms Livingstone has been appointed President of the Australian Museum Trust, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over 30 years in the corporate sector. ‘Catherine Livingstone has impeccable credentials for leading the Australian Museum Trust’, said Director Frank Howarth. ‘Her experience as Director of “bionic ear” company Cochlear, as Chairman of CSIRO and her current roles as Chairman of Telstra Corporation and Director of Macquarie Group will be critical for securing wider support and recognition for the Museum’, he said.

Mr Howarth welcomed Ms Livingstone and new Trustees Professor Merlin Crossley, Dr Karina Kelly, Jason Glanville and Kim McKay AO to a revamped Board with existing members Professor Amanda Lawson, Paul Connor, Helen Wellings, Stephen Crittenden, David Sherley and Dr James Moody.


Ms Livingstone was made an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2008 for her services to the development of science, technology and innovation policies, business and management. ‘I am passionate about the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of Australia’, Ms Livingstone said. She also believes strongly in individuals taking responsibility for bringing about positive change. ‘What I learned from my team at Cochlear is that we’re all accountable. We can’t expect the government to do it all. We should all contribute.’

Ms Livingstone replaces Sam Mostyn, who retired in December after ten years of service on the Museum Board, the last two as President.

Brendan Atkins, Editor

First published in Explore 34(1) p5.

Brendan Atkins , Publications Coordinator
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