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explore 36-1 cover

explore 36-1 cover
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum



On the record
A new dragon lizard from NSW 

The K–T Boundary and the mass extinction of species
The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs

Gone troppo!
New snail discoveries from the Top End

Lost, found and lost again?
Australia’s newest mammal species may already be extinct

Tadpoles and frogs of Australia
reviewed by Martyn Robinson

Beetles of Australia [online edition only]
reviewed by Chris Reid

Stealth invaders
An alien mussel slips in


Carrying the message stick
Taking message sticks online

On the road to Yuendumu
Revisiting the roots of Aboriginal art

What’s new in culture


Meet Kim McKay
The Australian Museum’s new director

William Holmes, enigma
Who was the Museum’s first custodian?

Tadpoles in the snow
Visiting tadpole scientist Professor Ronn Altig

Xplorer young scientist liftout
Indigenous science

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In your backyard
with Martyn Robinson

Two stunning, award-winning photographs

Members events
Travel, talks and walks


From the Director
Frank Howarth looks back

Collections matter!
Museum collections in a changing world

Members message
with Serena Todd



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