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The year of the polychaete
Sydney, get ready for a marine worm talkfest

It’s alive!
The Museum is home to more than fifty species of live animals

The Koala genome project
What is a genome anyway, and how do you map it?

On the record
What’s new in Museum science

Fish babies at sea
How do baby fish find a coral reef home?


What’s new in culture

From detention to redemption
Reconnecting Pacific youth with culture

Australian Museum Foundation
My heart is in the sea

Let’s play!
Ingenious toys from Indigenous Australia

Community-driven time capsule
Commissioned works help revive vanishing cultural practices


Ludwig Leichhardt in Australia
The enigmatic German explorer’s links to the Museum

Xplorer young scientist liftout
Inspired by nature

Search > Discover

In your backyard
with Martyn Robinson

Going with the flow
Meet Streamwatch coordinator Greg McDonald

More wonderful images from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition

Members events
Travel, talks and walks


From the Director
A strong year

Desert Lake

Members message
with Serena Todd

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