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explore 34-2 cover

explore 34-2 cover
Photographer: Stuart Humphreys © Australian Museum


Making connections in Antarctica
Discover connectivity with Museum research scientist Dr Nerida Wilson

Hide and seek in a warming climate
Can some species survive global warming in micro-refuges?


The queerest shop in Australia
Archivist Rose Docker introduces Jane Tost, taxidermist

Alexander and Achilles
Preview the upcoming exhibition Alexander the Great

Containers of memories
A rich donation of objects collected from PNG recalls missionary life

Mystery coral figurine
Zoe Richards describes an unusual figurine carved in coral


Discover a new book on Antarctic fossils

Diving into Deep Oceans
Behind the scenes of the Museum’s latest exhibition with Em Blamey

Xplorer young scientist liftout Digging deep

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In your backyard with Martyn Robinson

Photographer Stuart Humphreys shares just a few of his favourite images

Be prepared! Timor-Leste on the horizon
The Australian Museum expedition to Timor-Leste

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On the agenda Returning to the Red Centre
Scott Mitchell is positive about repatriating cultural objects

Members message with Serena Todd

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