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Curious about the difference between kangaroos and wallabies? Scared to death by Australia’s snakes and spiders? Heard about the extinct Tassie tiger but never seen one?

Surviving Australia is all about the weird and wonderful creatures we’re lucky (or unlucky) to share this immense continent with, and their extinct predecessors. Covering the fascinating but sometimes scary creatures living in our waterways and oceans, the birds and animals that roam our wild landscapes, this gallery will answer all your questions about Australia’s bizarre and beautiful wildlife. Learn everything you need to know about our deadly snakes, spiders and aquatic creatures, and extinct megafauna like the giant diprotodon.

You can even step into an Aussie backyard and discover all the friendly and not-so-friendly creatures you might encounter, or watch first-hand stories from researchers out in the field.

Do you have what it takes to survive in Australia?

Things to do

Dangerous Australian animals

Learn how Australia's top-10 venomous snakes enhance Australia's reputation for being a dangerous place!

Uncover how Australia's most dangerous creatures use secret strategies for hunting, catching and killing their prey.

Meet giant animals

Wonder at Australian giants (megafauna) from the past including giant wombats, metre-long echidnas and even fanged kangaroos.

Coastal animals

Discover some surprising residents of Sydney's harbour, coastal waters and offshore islands such as bandicoots residing in Sydney's northern beaches.

Hear about our research

Hear about the latest research and field trips of AM scientists on show in the mini-theatre.

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