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With hundreds of objects, animals, minerals and fossils at your fingertips Search & Discover is our public research centre, a showcase of the museum’s collection and provides a rich interactive experience for all visitors.

Our wide range of resources and access to Australian Museum Research Institute (AMRI) staff and other researchers help us identify answers to a broad range of natural history questions while providing an engaging hands-on exhibit space for all visitors.

Things to do

Meet our live animals

Amongst the preserved specimens there is a colony of live stick insects on display. See how many of the different species you can spot as well as the differences between the young nymphs and their adult form. You can help the colony continue by sorting the insect eggs from their frass. Our staff change the leaves every Tuesday morning and encourage visitor assistance to keep an eye on the escapees when their enclosure doors are open lots of fun!

Hands-on experiences

Touch and interact with museum objects, discover minute details of animals and insects using real scientific equipment.

In Search & Discover you can see inside the taxidermed specimens to understand how they are prepared to look so lifelike, zoom in on the tiny with our easy-to-use microscopes, feel just how spikey an Echidna is, pose for a photo next to a well-behaved wallaby and feel how soft Koala fur is.

There are a variety of insects, spiders, skeletons, reptile, mammal and bird specimens for visitors to see and touch every day.

Hone your own research skills

For those with research questions and assignments as well as those who are just bookworms; there is a vast selection of identification guides and information sheets that cover all areas of the museum's areas of expertise; zoology, geology and anthropology.

In addition there are books and articles covering other scientific topics such as botany, astronomy and general science. There are many books written to help children understand science as well as picture books for the younger visitor.

Specimen draws

Just like in the Museum's collection areas, some specimens are are arranged neatly in drawers with labels that allow you to put a name to the many species of snails, insects and spiders that are found in Australia, particularly in Sydney.

Find answers to your questions!

Is that a rock or fossil you found in your garden? Is the spider living in your kitchen dangerous?

Our friendly expert staff are on hand to help answer your questions.

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