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Are you a parrot person? More partial to birds of prey? Or perhaps you prefer the sweet melodies of the songbirds? Whatever your favourite feathered species, you’ll find it in this colourful exhibition of Australia’s diverse birdlife.

With more than 850 endemic and migratory species, Australia has one of the most diverse and abundant bird populations in the world. The continent is home to more species of sea birds and a higher diversity of parrots than anywhere in the world. It also has two of the largest – and quirkiest – flightless birds.

In this exhibition you’ll come face to face with familiar and unfamiliar birds alike, from the iconic cockatoos and “budgies” to the stunning Regent Bowerbird and adorable Little Penguin. Learn what keeps birds in the air, and discover the ingenious ways Australia’s birds have adapted to life down under.

Things to do

Learn about the biology of birds

Learn how they fly and how chicks develop in eggs. Gather information on bird flight, behaviour, and evolution.

See birds from your backyard

Get up close and personal with birds from your backyard or the bush you would otherwise only glimpse: lyrebirds, magpies, cockatoos and many more.

Be amazed at the range of colours

From magnificent Rainbow Lorikeets to tiny blue wrens.

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