Exchange and Order Scientific Publications

 Exchange and order Australian Museum Scientific Publications 

Exchange program

By negotiated agreement, museums, universities and other academic institutions and science publishers, may propose an exchange agreement. If your organization publishes comparable scholarly journals in zoology, animal taxonomy, earth sciences, anthropology, archaeology, evolutionary biology, palaeontology or related fields, we invite you to consider proposing an exchange agreement with us through our Exchanges Section, Australian Museum Research Library.

Send all exchange journals, serial titles, and printed material to

Exchanges Section
Australian Museum Research Library
6 College Street
Sydney NSW 2010


Subscription for Records of the Australian Museum in the 2012 calendar year (1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012) is AU$200.00, Australian subscribers add 10% GST. There are no agency concessions. More information can be sent to you by The Editor.

Back issues and sales

Since the digitization of all Records of the Australian Museum, monographic Supplements, Technical Reports of the Australian Museum and Australian Museum Memoirs, printed versions of old issues are no longer available for sale through the Australian Museum Shop. However, recent issues published during the last decade, can be ordered from the shop. When ordering, use: (a) serial title, (b) volume and issue number, and (c) year.

The Australian Museum has the Standard Address Number SAN 902-8374 (this is a unique identification number assigned to an organization, and its departments, in or served by the book trade).

A number of full sets (in print) of Australian Museum serial titles are held in the Australian Museum Research Library and the office of the Australian Museum Scientific Publications.

Dr Shane McEvey , Entomologist and Editor
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