Events at the Australian Museum

A dynamic program of events for adults as eclectic as the world around us.

For children's events, see Kids at the AM.

Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 2018

On now, until 28 January 2019

Photographer: Matty Smith

Witness nature at its most dramatic, graceful and unexpected with this stunning collection of breathtaking photographs celebrating the natural heritage of the Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and New Guinea bioregions.


Whales | Tohora

On now, until 28 April 2019

Promotional image for the Whales | Tohora exhibition at the Australian Museum, photographed by Jem Cresswell.

Presenting the latest cetacean research from the international scientific community, Whales | Tohora explores the diversity, biology and adaptation of whales to life in our oceans and celebrates their role in South Pacific Islanders’ rich cultural history.


Wildlife photography for beginners

10 November

Photographer: Nicolas Rakotopare

This hands-on workshop will guide you through the basics of wildlife and nature photography and features live animal models.


Whales, drones and the future of marine mammal research

15 November

Portrait of Vanessa Pirotta in the ocean, photographed by Chris Stacey

Vanessa Pirotta uses drones to collect whale snot. Hear how her research, in concert with citizen science, can help support whale health and wildlife conservation.


Aboriginal weaving workshop: Dilly bag-making

17 November

Join Sydney-based D'harawal Saltwater Knowledge Keeper and artist, Shannon Foster, to learn how to create a sustainable Dilly Bag and gain insights into the social, cultural and ecological knowledge embedded in traditional Aboriginal weaving techniques. © Shannon Foster

Join Shannon Foster and learn how to weave a Dilly Bag using local Indigenous Knowledge.

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Wildlife photography for enthusiasts

17 November

Photographer: Jordan Robins

This hands-on workshop is ideal for intermediate and enthusiast photographers who are looking to expand their practical knowledge of nature and wildlife photography.


Ecology in First Nations cultures

24 November

First Nations Eco-terrarium Building workshop.

Discover how First Nations cultures use and protect the environment guided by ecological knowledge passed down through hundreds of generations.


Winhangadurinya: Aboriginal Meditation

1 & 2 December

Fleur singing, Locky smoking | Photographer:  © Milan Dhiiyaan

Partake in an Aboriginal meditation circle ceremony guided by Aboriginal cultural practitioners Milan Dhiiyaan.


Maori basket weaving

1 December

Maori artist and weaver Alice Spittle with students | © Alice Spittle

Learn the traditional techniques of weaving with New Zealand harakeke (flax) to make a kono (woven basket).


Whale sculpture weaving

9 December

Whale sculpture © Aunty Karleen Green

Aboriginal Elder Karleen Green shares weaving techniques and knowledge passed down through hundreds of generations.


Broriginals Live! at the Museum

23 January

Travis and Texas De Vries, the two successful Aboriginal brothers of the satirical BRORIGINALS comedy podcast

Two successful Aboriginal bros answer questions on how to be better Aboriginals in this live recording of the satirical podcast, Broriginals.