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Discover the Australian Museum's collection of whale specimens on display in the museum with our special Games mobile app!

Learn more about whales on the Whale Trail game - featuring augmented reality whale models that bring the specimens on display to life!

The Australian Museum Games mobile app features quizzes, fun facts and whale sounds including the museum's own Catodon (Whale) Polka.

Win a free sticker sheet once you've discovered all the whales on the trail, and play with the AR whales at home.. or you can download this PDF to scan the QR code and play it now!

Download your free Australian Museum Games app now: App Store or Google Play.

  • Whale Trail
    Australian Museum Games app Image: Michelle Wong
    © Australian Museum
  • Whale Trail game screens trio
  • Whale Trail Great Sperm Whale stop
    Whale Trail Great Sperm Whale stop Image: Claude Moelan
    © Australian Museum
  • Whale Trail on the AM Games App
    A visitor uses a smartphone to access an augmented reality Sperm Whale on the AM Games app. Image: Anders Alexander
    © Australian Museum