What's on: Waterbug Watch 2014

Waterbug Watch is a citizen science project developed by our Streamwatch team.

Waterbug Watch 2014

Waterbug Watch 2014
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

Event Type:
Special event
6 September 2014 to 21 September 2014
Sydney, Greater Sydney and The Illawarra
FREE (Registration required)

The Sydney region has been modified by urbanisation and human activities. This has resulted in a loss of ecosystem integrity and consequently degraded water quality in aquatic environments.

The impact on these aquatic environments has affected the abundance and diversity freshwater invertebrates across Sydney.

Waterbug Watch is a project developed to discover some of the freshwater macroinvertebrates that live in your area. The project aims to apprentice the public into scientific techniques and research.

Waterbug watch is open to community organisations and schools.

Suitable locations for Waterbug watch:

  • Freshwater streams, rivers and wetlands
  • Natural waterways
  • Easily and safely accessible


  • If you are a school or organisation you will receive a manual and collecting kit after registering
  • The first 50 Individuals or families that register will receive the Waterbug Watch education pack. 

Terms and conditions:

  • Schools must adhere to their schools fieldwork policies
  • All groups must conduct a site hazard assessment and no sampling can be done in unsafe sites.
  • No sample can be done during rain events or 36 hour after heavy rain events
  • Only sample at your assessed site
  • If you are sampling more than one site ensure your equipment has been appropriately cleaned and not reused within 24 hrs. This is to reduce the risk of transferring animal disease or invasive species.
  • People participating in this event accept that there is an inherent risk associated with activities around water bodies.
  • By participating in this event you take full responsibility for your own safety.

How to register:

Register online below. For questions or enquiries, please email the Streamwatch team on streamwatch@austmus.gov.au or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


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