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Tourism Australia - First Nations Galleries
Tourism Australia Aboriginal experiences/packages photo shoot June 2018. First Nations Project Officer Courtney Marsh shows visitors around the Garrigarrang and Bayala Nura galleries. Image: unknown
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Our people have been here for over 60,000 years and are made up of hundreds of nations with different languages, customs, beliefs and adornments. The Australian Museum displays thousands of cultural objects that tell the story of these nations’ beauty, complexity and diversity.

We invite you on a journey through the cultures, history and objects of this land’s First Peoples. A member of our First Nations team will guide you through the First Australians Galleries, Bayala Nura and Garrigarrang, weaving in personal stories of their own country, culture and experiences. All ages welcome.

Tour highlights

  • Acknowledgement

    It is important to understand the land that you’re on, be greeted by our First Nations staff member and pay respects to the traditional owners.

  • Nations and Languages

    There is no single Aboriginal culture, people or language, explore the complexity of these differences across the over 260 different language/nation groups in Australia.

  • Personal connections

    Our First Nations team come from a variety of different places across this land, this means their nation, language and culture all vary. Each team member will introduce you to elements of their cultural background and interest through the many amazing cultural objects displayed, this could include fishing objects, infrastructure, music or jewelry.

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