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Experience the colour, culture and artistry of one of the world’s most diverse regions

Tropical Island Hula dancers as featured in Pacific Spirit

Tropical Island Hula dancers as featured in Pacific Spirit
Photographer: James Horan © James Horan

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The Australian Museum is custodian to one of the largest Pacific cultural collections in the world, with over 60,000 objects from across the region.

Pacific Spirit is a window into the collection, exhibiting a selection of rare and priceless artefacts including: 23 elaborate and sacred Malagan masks from Papua New Guinea dating from the 1800s; ceremonial poles from New Ireland; intricately carved door panels from New Zealand; Bird of Paradise head ornaments from the highlands of Papua New Guinea; Kava bowls and drums from Samoa; towering slit drums from Vanuatu; and delicate jewellery from Fiji.

Visitors will discover how each object embodies the culture that continues to resonate in contemporary Pacific societies, including here in Sydney.

The exhibition is a preview of our plans to develop an extensive Pacific gallery in the future.

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