What's on: Nawi (canoe): Meet the elders

Meet Aboriginal master weavers and watch them work on a sculptural installation about local fisherwomen

Weaving NAWI (canoe)

Weaving NAWI (canoe)
Photographer: Laura McBride © Australian Museum

Event Type:
Special event
2 March 2018 to 25 March 2018
Friday and Saturday, 10am - 1pm
GADI exhibition, Level 1 gallery
Free after admission

“We had a nawi culture, as saltwater, as much as land, was our Country”.

Witness Elders and master weavers Aunty Phyllis Stewart and Uncle Steve Russel weaving nawi (canoes) inside GADI – a new exhibition about the rich culture of Aboriginal Sydney.

This installation – called mahn (fisherwomen) – pays respect to Aboriginal women who for a long time were written out of the historical record.

Watch the weavers work and learn about the Aboriginal history of the place we now call Sydney.

For enquiries or to ask us about access services, please email programs@austmus.gov.au or call (02) 9320 6311.

This program is part of Weave, our Festival of Aboriginal and Pacific Cultures.


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