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A free mini-museum for preschoolers to explore and investigate the natural world.

Kidspace for Toddlers

Kidspace for Toddlers
Photographer: Daniel Boud © Australian Museum

Want FREE general admission all year round?

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10.00 AM to 04.00 PM
Level 2
Entry to the AM is free for all kids under 16! Free for adults after admission

Kidspace is a positive learning space designed for 0 to 5 year olds. Curated activities and resources give little ones opportunities to bond as they explore nature and culture together. Kidspace encourages young children to take the lead in their learning as they experiment, observe, create, learn and grow through active play.

The four main themes of Kidspace are represented in our interactive pods in which babies and toddlers are encouraged to discover a range of simple concepts.  

What is the meaning behind our pods?

Our humanity pod explores us as humans, from all over the world. Children will be introduced to the diverse day-to-day living, sharing, caring, and cultural practices of different communities through observations and play.

Our land pod explores our land environments, which offer homes for animals. Kids will learn about animals which live in the bush, rainforest, desert, on mountains and plains.

Our water pod explores our water environments and the animals which call it home. Young children will delve into the worlds of animals that live in the ocean, on the beach, in rivers and lakes.

Our past pod explores ancient animal life and land formations. Kids will learn about dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, fossils extinct Australian animals fossils and dinosaurs through observations and play.

Do you cater for babies?

Kidspace also caters for our curious crawlers and their carers. A closed-off area keeps babies safe and provides a space for them to practise movement, explore their senses, and connect with the world around them.

Do you allow for preschools or daycare visits?

To ensure the most positive and safe experience for all our young visitors and their families, we request that groups manage their day so that a maximum of five children (plus carers/teachers) are in Kidspace at any one time.

To make a self-guided booking for your group to visit: https://australianmuseum.net.au/booking-an-education-group

What facilities do you offer?

Pram parking is available outside Kidspace.

Baby change facilities and a breastfeeding chair is available within Kidspace.

We ask that food and drink is not consumed within Kidspace. Our café is located on Level 4 and there is seating provided outside Kidspace on Level 2.


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