What's on: Jarjums activity room

During NAIDOC and school holidays, explore Aboriginal culture through play and hands-on activities, including making a rock engraving to take home.

First Nations staff lead activities in the Jarjums activity room

First Nations staff lead activities in the Jarjums activity room
Photographer: James Horan © Australian Museum

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7 July 2018 to 22 July 2018
Drop in anytime between 10.30am - 2pm
Nature Space, Level 2 (opposite Kidspace)
$10 per child

Ages 3-12

Whilst mammoths were roaming the northern hemisphere, Australia had giants of its own, including a huge wombat-shaped Diprotodon and giant goanna Megalania. For thousands of years, Aboriginal people lived alongside some of our biggest animals – megafauna!

This NAIDOC Week, in an exclusive space for children and parents to explore and create together, be inspired by ancient rock art of megafauna to create your own engravings using air-dry clay, sand and wooden tools.

Learn how to make Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander string figures, a form of language and play that communicates different words, concepts and stories through string and hand movements.

Purchase a soapstone mammoth carving kit for $15.

Note: Parents or carers are required to supervise and assist children in this space.

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