What's on: First Australians Galleries

Immerse yourself in our First Australians Galleries, showcasing our inspirational Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island collections.

Visitors in Bayala Nura

Visitors in Bayala Nura
Photographer: Daniel Boud © Australian Museum

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Witness the history, spirituality and diversity of the world’s oldest living cultures in the First Australians Galleries. Located on the ground floor, the galleries house two contemporary exhibitions, Garrigarrang: Sea Country and Bayala Nura: Yarning Country.

The galleries showcase a selection of the Museum's 40,000-piece collection of Indigenous Australian tools, artworks, adornments and other cultural materials acquired from early European settlement to today. Combined with audio-visual storytelling and personal narratives, the galleries aim to capture the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture from the Dreaming to the present day.


Bayala Nura: Yarning Country

An exhibition featuring hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects from across Australia, showcasing the diversity of Indigenous Australian cultures.


Garrigarrang: Sea Country

Experience the deep connections of the Indigenous Australians of the New South Wales south coast through cultural objects, stories and ceremonial performances about the sea.

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