What's on: Drop-in activity room: Dino dioramas

Recreate the world of dinosaurs!

Dino dioramas brings the Jurassic back to life!

Dino dioramas brings the Jurassic back to life!
Photographer: Stuart Humphries © Australian Museum

Event Type:
29 September 2018 to 14 October 2018
10.30 AM to 02.00 PM
Education Classrooms, Level 2 (opposite Kidspace)
$10 per child, adults free after General Admission. No pre-booking, tickets available from Admissions.

Ages: All welcome but recommended for 5+

After examining real fossils from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, children will be inspired to create their own mini-museum exhibits. Build a scene of model dinosaurs and landscapes using a range of natural objects and modelling materials.

Also, take a dinosaur selfie, play with dino puzzles, books and resources in this exclusive space.

Bonus Augmented Reality experience

Download the FREE Jurassic Garden AR app on your smartphone or iPad, scan the QR code placed in front or inside the diorama and watch as the Augmented Reality (AR) creature comes to life!

Visit the Australian Botanic Garden or Blue Mountains Botanic Garden and find more AR Australian dinosaurs and megafauna, alongside ancient plant species that provided food or habitat for these giant creatures.


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