What's on: Drop in activity - Make a Mammoth!

Decorate your own cardboard mammoth with wool or sculpt an Ice Age animal!

Woolly Mammoth Craft

Woolly Mammoth Craft
Photographer: Abram Powell © Australian Museum

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2 January 2018 to 25 January 2018
Daily, 10.30am-1.30pm
Australian Museum

Option 1: Woolly Mammoth Craft

Mammoth fur colour ranged from blonde, ginger, dark brown and even black, however, kids are free to create a multicolour mammoth at the museum these school holidays if they choose. This easy and enjoyable activity will see kids assemble and decorate their own cardboard mammoth using real wool.

Age: 3+ (Recommended)
Dates: 2-25 January
Cost: $5 (payable at Admissions)

Option 2: Soapstone Carving

Get inspired, by the traditional and powerfully simplistic carvings of mammoths made by Palaeolithic man, and carve your own soapstone mammoth, dire wolf or cave bear using sandpaper and water.

Age: 7+ (Recommended)
Dates: 8-25 January
Cost: $15 (payable at Admissions)
Note: This activity can take about an hour to complete. Children are given box kit with all equipment needed, so can be completed at home if unable to finish at Museum.

Accompanying adults are required to supervise and assist children in this space.

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