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See, hear, touch and even smell the world of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Exhibition

Dinosaurs Exhibition
Photographer: James Horan © James Horan

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09.30 AM to 05.00 PM
Level 2
Entry to the AM is free for kids under 16! Adults are free after admission

The Australian Museum's popular Dinosaurs exhibition is bigger and better than ever! Famous for having 10 complete dinosaur skeletons and eight-life-sized models, it also features high-tech interactive displays that encourage you to look, listen and learn about these fascinating creatures who ruled the world until 65 million years ago.

Hear roars from the Mesozoic era and roam the eerily lit space looking, touching and experiencing the ancient world of dinosaurs as it's brought to life with skeletons, skulls, teeth, claws and hundreds of other fossils. Learn how dinosaurs lived and died and find out which ones are still thriving.

Things to do

  • Catch up with old dinosaur favourites including Stegosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • See new additions including the 228 million-year-old Eoraptor, the bird-like Bambiraptor, and the amazing Jobaria – a 22 metre-long sauropod (long-necked plant-eater) rearing to a whopping 10 metres!
  • Gain insights into the dinosaurs found in Australia's own backyard including a skeleton of the seven metre-long, plant-eating Muttaburrasaurus.
  • Smell the Mesozoic world, make dinosaur calls and even see the world from a dinosaur's perspective using the cool interactive displays!
  • Watch a recreated scene from Australia's ancient past telling the story of a deadly encounter between a small herbivorous dinosaur and two hungry carnivores.
  • Learn how new discoveries and the latest technology are changing our understanding of these fascinating creatures.
  • Find out the latest theories on what killed the dinosaurs.
  • Spin the wheel of misfortune to find out which animals died and which survived the mass extinction that occurred 65 million years ago.
  • Check into the dinosaur palaeontology lab and see which projects are open for inspection. Don't miss the Centrosaurus fossils from the badlands of Canada which are being excavated on-site and prepared for display.
  • Browse through the AM Store on your way out and pick up a dinosaur memento or gift about the natural world including books, toys and games, and the Museum's official souvenir guidebook. Great for kids' presents, local and international tourists, or as a treat for yourself.

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