2013 Science Photography (Eureka Prizes)

The Eureka Prize for Science Photography is sponsored by New Scientist. 

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The New Scientist Eureka Prize for Science Photography is awarded for a single photograph that most effectively communicates an aspect of science.


1st: $5,000

2nd: $3,000

3rd: $2,000


The New Scientist Eureka Prize for Science Photography recognises and rewards outstanding science photography.

New Scientist, the world's leading science and technology news weekly, is renowned for its accessibility and insightfulness. It has been called a celebration of science.

In that spirit, the New Scientist Eureka Prize is awarded for a single photograph that most effectively communicates an aspect of science. This photograph might be a startling image that captures the essence of scientific discovery. It may illustrate the workings of nature or the beauty of science. It may show something never seen before. It may illustrate scientific data. It might give fresh insight into a scientific phenomenon or an emerging technology.

The definition of science is, for the purpose of this prize, a comprehensive one. It includes the natural, physical, applied or life sciences (including agricultural sciences); environmental issues; biodiversity issues; flora and fauna; medicine; astronomy; information technology; technological innovation; engineering and health science; as well as work that addresses the social or economic consequences of science.

Entries are invited from both amateur and professional photographers. Entries are encouraged from working scientists, and postgraduate and undergraduate students.


Judges will be examining entries against the following judging criteria:

1. Technical excellence (20%)

2. Aesthetics (30%)

3. Creativity in communicating a science concept or idea (50%)


The prize is open to individuals, groups or teams.

The photograph must have been taken no more than two (2) years prior to the closing date of entries.

All entrants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents. Where the entry is by a group, all members of the group must meet this criterion.

Entrants must have been 18 years or older when they took the photograph.

Entries can be produced using a range of techniques including but not limited to standard or specialist photographic techniques; high speed/stroboscopic/time-lapse photography; macro lens; or using scientific techniques such as microscopy, x-ray, satellite or astronomical photography, magnetic resonance imaging etc.

Editing and/or digital manipulation of photographs is permitted. However, entrants are required to disclose details of significant editing/digital manipulation etc in their entry. Such editing/manipulation does NOT disqualify an entry as long as this work has been disclosed and as long as any material, images etc used in this process are the photographer's own work.

It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that they have complied with all copyright requirements relating to their entry and that they have obtained any and all permissions, including releases from any person capable of being recognised in an entry and/or copyright owner's permission to have the image judged, displayed or published.

Copyright of photographs remains with the photographer.

You must submit an online entry form including your photograph by 7pm AEST Friday 3 May 2013 to be eligible for this prize. Any entries received after 7pm AEST Friday 3 May 2013 will not be considered. Incomplete entries will not be considered. Submitted material will not be returned. Hard-copy applications will not be considered.

The activity entered/nominated for this prize may not be entered/nominated for another Australian Museum Eureka Prize in the same year.

An individual can submit only one (1) photograph entry per year (this includes any photograph submitted with another person). A photograph entered in one year cannot be re-entered in a subsequent year. Photographs entered must be the original work of the entrant.

The deliberations of the judging panel remain confidential. All recommendations and decisions taken are binding and final and no correspondence will be entered into on such matters.

The judges reserve the right not to award the prize if, in their view, the quality of entries is insufficiently meritorious.

Information provided by the entrant(s) in relation to the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes (including photos), may be used by the Australian Museum and/or New Scientist for promotional or publicity purposes. This may include, and is not restricted to, the information being used on websites, social media, printed material, advertisements, press releases etc. Entrants authorise and grant to the Australian Museum and to New Scientist the limited right to use all or any part of their entry solely for publicity and promotional purposes relating to this prize. This includes exhibiting and displaying entered photographs in public venues as part of an exhibition and using all or part of the entry in publicity or other material relating to this exhibition. The name of the photographer will be printed clearly with their image each time the image is reproduced. Entrants may also be asked to be involved in additional promotional activities.

Personal information provided to the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes can be used by the Australian Museum and New Scientist, however such use will be only in connection with the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

No entries will be received or considered after the close of entries. If you experience issues in uploading your entry or have concerns about what has been uploaded, you must contact the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes on 02 9320 6483 or eureka@austmus.gov.au before the close of entries. The Australian Museum Eureka Prizes cannot modify or add to an entry (including Assessor reports) after the close of entries.

Failure to meet these Conditions of Entry will automatically disqualify an entry.


1. Complete an online entry form which must include a description of the photograph and upload the photograph by 7pm AEST Friday 3 May 2013.

Upload images must be no larger than 5 MB.

When you have successfully uploaded your entry you will receive confirmation via email. If you do not receive this confirmation, or if you require further information or assistance, please call the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes on 02 9320 6483 or email eureka@austmus.gov.au.

Kea Lambert , Project Officer, Eureka Prizes
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