Environmental Sustainability at the Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is committed to addressing environmental sustainability.

Vision and Goals

The Australian Museum is committed to addressing environmental sustainability at its' College Street site and has adopted the following vision:

to be an environmentally sustainable organisation that contributes to the creation of a beautiful and sustainable world.

In order to implement this vision the following goals have been developed:

Goal 1: Understand the Australian Museum's use of energy, water and waste generation and take action to meet and, where possible, exceed targets determined by the Government

Goal 2: To lead by example with the promotion and demonstration of environmental sustainability values.

The goals are broader statements of intent and are addressed further in the Museum's Environmental Sustainability Action Plan, that links to a range of plans at the Museum including the Corporate Strategic Services Plan.

Environmental Sustainability Achievements

To realise the Australian Museum's vision and goals a number of actions are being implemented, and to date the following has been achieved:

  • The introduction of Fairtrade organic coffee in 2008
  • Replacement of printers and faxes with energy rated multi function devices
  • Completion of an energy audit
  • Carbon offsets to be purchased for all air travel
  • Installation of water saving devices in public and staff amenities

The Australian Museum is also addressing:

  • Water usage via a water efficiency audit
  • Sustainable exhibitions
  • Sustainable functions and events

The Museum is a registered workplace for the National Ride to Work Day, 14 October 2009, supporting those who choose pedal power!

Fashion Less Waste

Entrants for the Australian Museum's Fashion Less Waste competition in May 2009 helped to fashion a less wasteful world. They designed and created an outfit mostly made from materials that were originally bought and used for a non-clothing purpose. Read about the judging criteria, judges, entrants, winners, and how to enter for 2010. Plus - check out the fantastic designs!

Climate Change: our future, our choice

The Museum held a special exhibition on climate change from May to August 2009, and continues to support education and research in climate change.

Lizard Island Research Station Sustainability Initiatives

Our reserach Station at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef tries to minimise its impact on this unique environment   Sustainability Initiatives at Lizard Island

Recently, the new solar array was switched on at Lizard Island supplying the Research Centre with much of its power from a renewable source - Queensland's beautiful sunshine.  Solar Power Switched on at Lizard Island

NSW Government Sustainability Policy

The NSW Government Sustainability Policy sets targets and strategies for the NSW Government to lead by example in sustainable water use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from energy, waste and fleet management and sustainable purchasing.

The Australian Museum is a Member - NSW Government Sustainability Advantage program administered by the Department of Environment and Climate Change.

Australian Museum Environmental Sustainability Committee

The development, implementation, and maintenance of environmental sustainability at the Australian Museum is governed by the Australian Museum Environmental Sustainability Committee.

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