Eleotridae - Gudgeons

Use the table to access images and fact sheets of the eleotrid fishes on the site. These fishes have been called gudgeons and sleepers.

Flathead Gudgeon, Philypnodon grandiceps

Flathead Gudgeon, Philypnodon grandiceps
Photographer: Robert McCormack © Robert McCormack

Bunaka gyrinoides Greenback Gudgeon
Butis butis Crimsontip Gudgeon
Gobiomorphus australis Striped Gudgeon
Gobiomorphus coxii Cox's Gudgeon
Hypseleotris compressa Empire Gudgeon
Hypseleotris galii Firetail Gudgeon
Milyeringa veritas Cave Gudgeon
Mogurnda oligolepis Kimberley Mogurnda
Odonteleotris macrodon  Sinuous Gudgeon 
Ophiocara porocephala Spangled Gudgeon
Oxyeleotris lineolata Sleepy Cod
Philypnodon grandiceps Flathead Gudgeon
Philypnodon macrostomus Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon
Prionobutis microps  Smalleye Gudgeon 

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