Animal Species:Doublebar Goatfish, Parupeneus crassilabris (Valenciennes 1831)

The Doublebar Goatfish has been called Parupeneus bifasciatus rather than P. crassilabris in most books on Australian fishes.

A Doublebar Goatfish at Rapid Horn

A Doublebar Goatfish at Rapid Horn
Photographer: Erik Schlögl © Erik Schlögl

Standard Common Name

Doublebar Goatfish

Alternative Name/s

Double-banded Goatfish, Two-banded Goatfish


Three different colour forms exist for the Doublebar Goatfish. These vary according to location.

The Indo-Australian form is pale with a dark blotch around the eye and two dark bars on the body. There is a yellow spot on each scale and sometimes a faint dark bar on the caudal peduncle. The colouration is stronger in juveniles than adults.

The Pacific form ranges from brown to red with two distinct bars.

The Indian Ocean form has two wedge-shaped bars that become progressively narrower on the belly.

Size range

The species grows to 35 cm in length.


In Australia the Doublebar Goatfish is known from the north-western coast of Western Australia, around the tropical north, and south to the southern coast New South Wales.

The map below shows the Australian distribution of the species based on public sightings and specimens in Australian Museums.  Source: Atlas of Living Australia.

Parupeneus crassilabris

Distribution by collection data

Ozcam map of Doublebar Goatfish specimens in the Australian Museum.

What does this mean?


Adult Doublebar Goatfish are usually seen on inshore coral reefs and in deep lagoons. Juveniles are more commonly found in surge channels near the intertidal zone. Adults and juveniles are often seen resting on coral or rubble. They occur in small groups or singularly. The species can be found at depths between 1 m and 80 m.

Feeding and Diet

It feeds on crustaceans during the day and fishes and crabs at night.



What does this mean?


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