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Species–phylogenetic diversity relationships: sampling theory for spatial patterns of PD

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Understanding the pattern of PD loss for random species extinctions can provide a good benchmark for conservation planning. How does PD loss increase as the number of such species extinctions increases?

Faith (2008; see also Faith and Williams, 2006; Faith, 2007) proposed a power law curve for the species-PD relationship:

“PD thus defines a species–phylogenetic diversity curve that is analogous to the well-known species–area curve (see Faith & Williams, 2006) when number of species sampled is plotted against the PD value of the set.” and “PD defines a species–PD curve analogous to the well known species–area curve. A simple example of such a curve is derived here from a study by Pillon and colleagues (2006). Random taxon samples of different sizes from a given phylogenetic tree produce a roughly linear relationship in log–log space.”


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