Document: Skeletons Exhibition Evaluation Report

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The 2005 evaluation report for the Skeletons exhibition

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Julian Foot, Ana Sol, Lynda Kelly
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As part of the review of the Museum Renewal Project it was considered that research needed to be undertaken into visitor response to the Skeletons exhibition.

This study aimed to understand the background to the exhibit, what was originally intended to be its aims and messages, how this exhibit is viewed now by visitors, and how well it meets the Museum’s current criteria.

The study was undertaken from the 22nd Feb 2005 to the 9th June 2005 by Julian Foot and Ana Sol, volunteers. The research method used visitor interviews covering reaction to and experience of the exhibition; individual exhibits and the exhibition’s place within the Museum. As well visitors in the exhibition were tracked and their pathways, where they stopped and how long they spent noted.

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