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Needs Assessment Workshop conducted in June 1999 as part of the Australian Museum Aboriginal Museum Outreach program: NSW and Victoria Workshop for Cultural Centres and Keeping Places

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As part of the Creating Partnerships conference in June 1999 a half-day workshop was held with participants and
facilitated by Lynda Kelly, Evaluation Coordinator, Australian Museum.

Prior to the conference about half of the participants received a two-page questionnaire with three key questions designed to prompt some early thinking about what further information, training and assistance is needed. These were:
1. Why did they decide to establish a Keeping Place/Cultural Centre?
2. The aims and objectives of the Keeping Place/Cultural Centre.
3. Positive and negative aspects of a Keeping Place/Cultural Centre.

At the workshop participants were divided into diverse groups to discuss these broad questions under the guidance of a Museum staff person as note-taker. After discussions each group presented their results to the full conference.
This document summarises the outcomes of the session taken from the presentation notes collected from each group. From these four initial recommendations have been identified for further discussion, consideration and action.

A summary of the results of the workshop will be forwarded to each participant and will also form an important part of seeking further finding to undertake a more detailed study into the establishment of Keeping Places/Cultural Centres in Indigenous communities.

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