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2008 edition of annual Lizard Island Research Station newsletter.

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Facilities at Lizard Island Research Station continue to improve as the 30th Anniversary Development Program unfolds thanks to the successful partnership between the Australian Museum and the Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation. This year, we completed two major projects: two visitor houses (Kirby and Suntory) were refurbished
and the Sir John Proud Aquarium was improved by trebling its seawater pumping capacity and by installing systems to treat raw seawater in various ways. Next year, the final visitor house (Loomis) will be extended and refurbished and the aquarium will be extended to provide additional space that is needed so badly during peak periods.

Providing great facilities at LIRS is one thing; making sure that the best and brightest people have access to it is another. Field work on coral reefs is not an inexpensive undertaking and the substantial grants needed to enable it tend to gravitate to senior researchers. Recognising this, the LIRRF has a long history of providing funds to support field work by young researchers through fellowships awarded by the Australian Museum. Support for this program continues to grow, with the Yulgilbar Foundation joining The Ian Potter Foundation, the Hermon Slade Raiatea Foundation and the estate of John and Laurine Proud as supporters of this program. This year, no fewer than five new fellowships were awarded: two to PhD students and three to earlycareer scientists, as detailed inside.

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