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Jurassic Lounge season 5 evaluation report, surveyed on the final night (April 16, 2013)

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Aside from the variety of performances/activities, the Museum itself and its exhibitions continue to be one of most satisfying/most liked aspects, and is one of the main aspects that makes people want to visit (to see the museum/exhibits/dinosaurs).

39% of respondents had visited the Museum (not counting school visits), and 59% said that since visiting JLounge they would return to the Museum during the day (plus another 34% maybe/unsure).

Queues for drinks/food show up as a particular issue in this survey since it was taken on the last night of the season. This season attracted a younger audience than last time (two thirds female). Word of mouth is still increasing (97%, up from 90% in season 4, 70% in season 3, and 50% in season 1 & 2).

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