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By monitoring energy use at home, you can identify where you can make changes and how you can save money on your next energy bill.

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How to monitor your energy usage

1. Complete the following log of household energy use (view document). Tally up to see how much energy your household uses per day/week and per quarter.

2. Play around with the numbers in the table to see what difference small changes could have on your totals (ex: reducing the number of dishwasher cycles from 2 small loads per day to 1 full load per day can save 87.36 kWh of energy per quarter).

3. Commit to making some changes to improve your household’s energy consumption and cost.

4. In a few months, complete the log again to compare your energy usage. Check your next energy bill to see if the changes you have made have saved you money.


Breakdown of energy use in Australian homes
- Standby 3%
- Lighting 7%
- Water heating 25%
- Appliances and electronics 27%
- Heating and cooling 38%

Source: Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency. Baseline Energy Estimates, 2008

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