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DigiVol Online volunteers transcribe and validate the images taken by DigiVol Lab volunteers.

DigiVol website front page

DigiVol website front page
Photographer:  © Australian Museum

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The DigiVol crowdsourcing website is a world leader in using volunteers to transcribe data from natural history collections. There are number of expeditions you can embark on with themes that focus on our Entomology and Malacology Collections and the diaries of renowned personality and zoologist Edgar Waite just being a few.

Online volunteering with DigiVol is important and has created many opportunities for many people who are unable to travel or live too far away to participate in volunteering at the Museum. This volunteering opportunity can be completed anywhere and at any time and is ideal for dedicated, detail-oriented people who are willing to join the DigiVol online community of volunteers.

International institutes, such as the Smithsonian Institute, Kew Gardens, New York Botanical Gardens and many other Australian institutions, post expeditions on the DigiVol portal which are also transcribed by online volunteers all around the world. This can help us discover the hidden knowledge that is waiting to be found in our collective vast collections.

Volunteers, who are experienced transcribers on the DigiVol portal have said that it is a rewarding experience knowing that the information they capture becomes accessible to scientists, conservation agencies and government departments across the country who can then work together to better understand, manage and conserve our precious biodiversity.

The commitment of the DigiVol Online volunteer community is remarkable with some transcribers volunteering up to five hours a day.

Some of the additional benefits in volunteering with us include:
• Videos of ‘Behind the scenes’ tours and talks organised with Collection staff as a ‘thank you’ to volunteers
• Acknowledgement of significant transcription milestones on the DigiVol portal
• Collegiate social connection on the portal forum, Facebook and monthly newsletter

Click here to register on DigiVol. We find volunteers demonstrate a meticulous attention to detail; skill in reading and deciphering old handwriting and are proficient at researching scientific names, people and places.
Registration is simple and fast, giving you quick access to begin your transcribing experience. Once registered, you will receive an acknowledgement email offering further support if required.


Rhiannon Stephens , Digitisation Project Officer
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