Design like an Egyptian: terms and conditions

The Australian Museum presents Design Like an Egyptian - Jewellery Design Competition. Find out more about the competition, how to enter and the terms and conditions of entry.

Necklace with amulets

Necklace with amulets
Photographer:  © Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna

Opening on 13 September and closing on 6 December 2009 the Egyptian Treasures: art of the pharaohs exhibition will inform and inspire you.

Entries are now open for the Design Like An Egyptian competition which focuses on the symbolic significance and magical powers of the materials used to make jewellery in ancient Egypt.

Jewellery was not only used to decorate and beautify the living, but often featured in burial ceremonies and accompanied the dead into the afterlife. The colours selected for use in the jewels worn by the people in both life and death were very significant – they held symbolic and magical qualities that were believed to preserve and protect the health, wealth and spirituality of the wearer.

Your task in this competition is to design a piece of jewellery with these ideas in mind. Like the ancient Egyptian designers, you will be restricted to materials like charcoal, paints or inks to create your jewellery design. In other words, a hand drawn and coloured image is required as opposed to a computer generated one. You may also use coloured pencil for rendering your image.

Using Art in ancient Egypt or your own research to generate an idea, you could design a piece of jewellery for a specific person you know. This will help you to make design decisions. You will need to consider carefully the gemstones and metals you will use in such a design, in terms of their meanings and powers as believed by the ancient Egyptians.

Your design will be created on paper of A4 size and will be submitted with a $10 entry fee (cheque or money order) along with an entry form that includes the reasons for your gem and metal choices. Attach this form to the back of your design.

There are three categories – primary, secondary and tertiary.

The winner of each category will receive a $100 cash prize.

The highly commended entrants will each receive a family pass to the Australian Museum.

Go forth and design!

Terms and Conditions:

  • All entries must be supplied on A4 sized paper.
  • Each entrant is permitted to enter a maximum of three drawings.
  • Each design incurs an entry fee of $10 in cheque or money order to The Australian Museum Trust.
  • The drawing must be related to the jewellery design information available on the Australian museum website.
  • Each drawing must be accompanied by a title and at least 100 words describing how it relates to the significance of gems and metals in jewellery design. This text must be written by the illustrator.
  • The drawing must be done by the person whose name appears on the entry form, and each entry must be from a single individual.
  • The Design Like an Egyptian entry form must be affixed to the back of each drawing.
  • The competition is open to schools and tertiary institutions in NSW or ACT.
  • Entries must be received by close of business, Monday 14th December 2009.
  • Entries must be sent to: Ms Andrea Sturgeon, Design Like an Egyptian competition organiser, Australian Museum, 6 College Street, Sydney 2010 NSW.
  • A panel of judges selected by the Australian Museum will choose the winners. The judges’ decisions will be final, and no correspondence about the decisions will be entered into.
  • There will be one winner in each of the three categories: primary, secondary, tertiary.
  • There will be one Highly Commended award in each of the three categories. Winners and Highly Commended designers will be notified by mail and phone and images and names will be published on the Australian Museum website by the end of December 2009. Winning and Highly Commended entries will be displayed at the Australian Museum.
  • Participants will be notified in writing if their drawings are on display at the Museum. Drawings not displayed will be available for return from January 2010 onwards. Drawings on display will be available for return by the end of March 2010. Drawings will be returned if you enclose a self-addressed and correctly stamped envelope with your entry.
  • The Australian Museum regrets that they cannot accept liability for any loss of or damage occurring to any drawings entered in the competition. All reasonable care will be taken to safeguard the drawings while in the custody of the Australian Museum. Any damage to drawings occasioned in transit is not the responsibility of the Australian Museum.
  • Personal details collected on the entry form will only be used for the purposes of this competition and related promotion. Your private information will not be given to any individual or organisation other than the Australian Museum.
  • The Australian Museum may use the drawings in all media for promotional purposes associated with future competitions. Copyright and intellectual property of the images remains the property of the designer.


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