Decomposition - glossary and references

A glossary of key words and definitions relating to decomposition, including a list of references used in researching material about decomposition.


  • aerobic - the ability of organisms or tissues to function only with the presence of free oxygen.
  • ammonia (NH3) - a colourless, pungent, water soluble gas made up of nitrogen and hydrogen.
  • anaerobic - the ability of organisms or tissues to function without oxygen.
  • biochemical pathway - chain of chemical reactions that occur in living things to produce a chemical compound.
  • instar- a stage in the development of an insect larva between two moults. Each species of insect has a fixed number of moults.
  • lactic acid - an organic acid produced in mammals during the breakdown of glucose when oxygen is in short supply.
  • mausoleum - an above-ground tomb.
  • ovipositor - a specialised organ for depositing eggs in female insects.


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