Conservation Staff

Learn more about the people who conserve the Australian Museum's vast collections.

Conservation Staff

Colin Macgregor

"I have been working with the museum's ethnographic, archaeological and natural history collections since 1989 and have been Manager of Materials Conservation since 2001."

Heather Mackay

"Currently, I am coordinating preventive conservation programs such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and storage and re-housing projects for objects and specimens."

Kate Jones

"Currently, most of my work is on collection material that the Australian Museum loans to other institutions. We receive frequent requests to loan collection items to institutions around Australia and overseas."

Michael Kelly

"I joined the unit in 1989. I have worked across the museum’s ethnographic, archaeological and natural science collections and on numerous exhibition projects."

Sheldon Teare

"I joined the Materials Conservation department as an Objects Conservator in April 2010. So far I have worked across the Natural history and Cultural collections on a number of conservation projects."

Megan Dean-Jones
"I’ve been working for the Materials Conservation team in a variety of capacities since 2002. I work across the Natural Sciences & Cultural collections as our busy schedule requires on numerous ongoing and short-term conservation projects."

Conservation volunteers

David Lind


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